My uncle in his orchard Oil on canvas 100x100 cm 2022

Embrace in the grotto of the blessed Oil on canvas 100x100 cm 2022

I live and work in Djilang, Australia. My work tries to connect with themes like time and remembrance.

I am inspired by photographs that motivate me to develop images further in a drawing or a painting. Family and vintage photos and film stills that have an atmosphere or aura that I am attracted to can provide a start to new paintings.

I am interested in figurative and abstract pictures, often blending invented forms with stylized Romantic settings.

I like my pictures to be painterly with a strong graphic sensibility -- conveying something of the feelings that prompted them.

Ideas that begin with old family photos may help me to connect with my past as I think about how that time continues to shape me today.

Recent solo exhibitions include Essays from sleep in 2021 and Curtain aside in 2022. View Resume

Horgos Oil on canvas 100x64.5 cm 2022

Boy on a balcony Oil on canvas 101x122 cm 2022

Bear in a landscape Oil on canvas 40x30.5 cm 2022

Daydream café (from the series Essays from Sleep) Oil on canvas 50x50cm 2020


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